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Websmiths can register your domain name, but the hard part is choosing the right name for you. Sometimes it's as simple as choosing your business name, but often this isn't available and you'll need to be more creative. Another factor is that Google gives some weight to domain names, so something like would help your ranking more than

When choosing a domain you'll need to choose what's called a Top Level Domain (TLD). This is basically the letters after the final dot. Originally there were three TLD's, .com, .net and .org. This has expanded over the years and each country has it's own TLD. For Ireland this is .ie and it recognises that your website is specifically Irish, this is the best option if your primary market is Ireland or you need to identify with Ireland. There's also .irish, which tends to lean towards tourism and ex-pats. The most commonly registered TLD's in Ireland are .ie or .com but we can register any domain - .eu, .biz, .tv etc.

Domains need to be renewed annually and this is a recurring cost with all websites. Contact us to register your domain - if we're building your website the first year is free!


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