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Content Managed Websites (CMS Websites) allow you control over the content of your website. Websmiths use proprietary software called Build-a-Site, designed and written in-house. With the Build-a-Site content management system you can add pages to your website, and also edit or delete them. Need to add or change photos? No problem. You can even upload your own videos or link to YouTube or Vimeo videos on your website. Build-a-Site is also fully responsive, which means that it reacts to the size of the screen on the device on which it's viewed.

Because Build-a-Site is our own software we can change it to include anything you want. Need a different home page design? We've got it covered. We can rewrite the programming to suit your needs and include your content.

How does it work? We design a template for the website and when it's built, you can log in to the website administration and start making changes. Add pages for text, lists of items or photo galleries. The system includes optional sections for news items and testimonials, social networking buttons and full contact information. The site is based on a template so page layouts and colours are fixed but you have full access and control over the website content.

If you find the Build-a-Site doesn't quite suit you then we can build a content managed website to suit your needs.


The basic Build-a-Site system costs just €595 excluding VAT. For this you get an original design (not based on downloaded templates), one years domain registration, one years hosting and the Build-a-Site user manual. Training can be provided - it's very reasonable but it will depend on travel time.

So What's Next?

Needs Analysis
Web site design process, meeting to discuss your website

The first thing is to find out what you want from your website. Do you want to sell online or just tell people what a great company you have? We'll meet, face to face or online and discuss the best way to proceed with your website

Template Design
Web site design process, website tempate design

The next step is to find something that you like. We'll design a template and send it on to you for approval. We'll then work together to tweak the template until you're happy with the look and feel of the website.

Your Website
Web site design process, website live

Once the template is accepted we'll get to work on programming your website. Pretty soon you'll have a great website, live and online to tell people all about you and what you do.

If you need more information or to arrange a meeting, please Contact Us.


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